Ganesh is so Fresh

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Learning about the Hindu Deities. Kinda excited about this. I usually stray away from religious gods but I feel very connected to some of these. I don’t feel like I want to push them away.


The first Im focusing on is Ganesh.  He is considered  to be the remover of obstacles, and called upon for new beginnings. He is supposed to bring us protection. Ganesh brings you to enlightenment. Ganesh can be found with a mouse near his feet. The mouse symbolizes your mind. The mind can wander all over the place like a scampering mouse. Ganesh controls the mouse, therefore controls our minds. Stilling our minds. When Ganesh is found without the mouse that means you mind symbolized the mouse, you complete Ganesh. Ganesh helps bring you to Samadhi. In Samadhi you experience no obstacles. Experience the inner calmness Ganesh brings you.

Ganesh is the son of Shiva and Parvati. The elephant head can indicate intelligence, and fidelity. Large ears are said to denote wisdom, and the ability to listen to people who need help. Shiva decapitated Ganesh due to not letting him in his own home. Enraged Parvati threatened to kill all of Creation. Lord Bramha, being the Creator, was not ok with this a convinced Parvati to reconsider of two conditions. One,  to bring Ganesh back to life, and two, to be forever worshipped by all. An elephant head was brought to be placed on the body by Bramha. Bramha Breathed new life into him, declared Ganesh to be of his own son as well.


This link is so cute and explains very well! How Ganesh got his head

Like I said before I wasn’t sure about these Deities but I think they are starting to grow on me.

Fill your hearts with love and radiate.



Jump on in and Radiate

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Day 2 back into yoga with almost 2 weeks off and I’m doing well!  Yesterday and today I felt pretty strong. I could tell I had lost some strength but I will get it back very soon. I’m still on the right path.

I have noticed since Firefly Music Festival I have been particularly calm. That festival really changed me. I found another part of myself. My daily life I feel calm. Yesterday at work I noticed when I would normally freak out and my heart would start racing I was very calm. I had overall good energy throughout the day.  Today I had trouble waking up. I don’t get home till midnight now so its gonna start getting hard waking for 8 am yoga. I will try my best. I did make it to 930 yoga and I feel energetic still.


Today I noticed in class I was having trouble breathing. I could have used my inhaler but I left it in my car so I stuck it out. Something in there must have made my allergies flare up. Next time I will make sure to bring my inhaler in with me.

I went food shopping today and bought so many beautiful foods. I am so grateful to be able to have such wonderful fruits and veggies from mother earth. I am so happy with my finds and so cheap and the farmers market. The hands that planted the seeds, who water the seeds, the hands from people who picked the apples, boxed them, put them out on the shelf, and the beautiful girls who bagged them for me all played a part in bringing these apple to me. I am so thankful for all the work it took so I can enjoy them.


Im finding peace and love everywhere  I go.

Fill your heart with joy and radiate



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Hello beautiful spirits!

I have been gone a long while but so much has happened. I fell into a lazy state and an anxiety driven state of being before my firefly music festival experience. I wasn’t happy and I was feeling the walls pushing closer to me. At firefly i barely was on the internet and just let of of most social media. I was a great feeling. Not having to worry about keeping up, just experiencing.

IMG_5168 IMG_5163 IMG_5147 IMG_5143

Firefly music festival was purely amazing this year. I was surrounded by such beautiful people. My camp mates were all very amazing and beautiful people with so much personality and so much to offer. Our neighbors next door were beautiful spiritual beings. Big time hippies and we connected so well. The love Spirit Science too. If you haven’t heard of Spirit Science you MUST check it out, it is very cool. I learned so much this weekend about myself. I have much more anxiety than I ever realized. I had a hard time letting go of my fears. A very hard time. I wasn’t letting myself have fun sometimes because I was scared. My before helped me realize what was happening and helped me so much. I need to slow down, Im moving so fast I forget to stop and experience things.

IMG_5106 IMG_5130

My friend and I were rushing through the shaded tree area of the festival and never noticed the lights and paper birds hanging from the trees. It was so beautiful! Someone yelled “hey slowed down” and it literally took my breath away, it caught me off guard so much. When i noticed that i was in panic and did realized and was surrounded by such beautiful I just started laughing. I couldn’t stop laughing. I thought to myself I did it again and my heart rate went down immediately. I am so lucky to be sharing my life with such beautiful people. The world really is your teacher and you really can learn from everyone whether its from negativity or positivity.


Being surrounding by music at the festival was amazing I had so much fun. What really was awesome was the music at my campsite. Our neighbors were musicians and the y played the guitar for us, we sang along the whole time. Slowing other campsites around us started coming of and sharing their musical gifts. someone brought their drum box over. singing, guitar and drumming. People offered us gifts of thanks for our beautiful music. Bliss pure bliss.


I feel like I am looking through a new set of eyes this week. This festival has changed me and I feel amazing! It also changed my boyfriend. We have become closer and stronger.

Everything was so beautiful, I can’t express how I feel about this experience.

I was given an amethyst crystal this week and I felt a difference wearing so I am currently rediscovering crystal healing for myself again. This is an exciting adventure to add to my life. I found a blog this morning Energy Muse Blog, and it seems very cool so far. Lots of information and easy to follow.  There is a questionnaire to help you figure out which crystals help out with you specific needs. I believe I added it as a link Ive never tried to do that yet so we will see if it worked!

Crystal Healing

I havent practiced a lot of yoga I’m itching for it. Tomorrow I plan on getting back into it! Im so excited!

Fill your heart with joy and radiate


Eye Openers

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So a friend yesterday brought it to my attention that I have been unattached. I have not been a good friend nor and connected to peoples feelings. I found this so upsetting because Im trying to be more connected and aware. I apologized to this person and I completely understand how they feel. I wasn’t a very good friend. She is not the only person I was doing this too. I feel horrible. Everything is interconnected. I have been disconnected from myself, but the past 2 weeks have been pretty bad. I let me practice go a bit and my core is completely lost. Im having unhealthy thoughts of my body and everyone else i brought down with me. I feel so guilty about this but now that it has been brought to my attention I can fix it.


I have hit that part of yoga where the original high is gone. my problems have not left they were just masked by my initial high from yoga. Here is where I ned to find a more spiritual path in yoga. Spirituality is missing. This will help keep me connected to the people I love. Meditation, asana, positivity is what I need. I wish I had more time for practice but I have learn to work with what I have.

Only 4 more days till I see my beautiful love! I can’t wait for the Firefly Festival! So much music, craft beer, dancing and yoga! Packing is gonna be a mess with my schedule hopefullyI don’t forget anything! YES I am a craft beer lover! I have multiple passions. Yoga, dance, and beer! I love yoga beer selfies!!!!  I know yoga and beer don’t really go well together but they do in my world.


Don’t forget to love those in your life. Live to your fullest and appreciate al that you have.

Fill your heart with love and radiate


Moving Vs. Living

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A few days ago I noticed that I have just been moving through the motions. Thats why I haven’t posted anything recently. I stopped enjoying and began to care less. I stopped connecting with people i see daily. I had moments of energy but generally i was drained. There wasn’t much left of me. So My last yoga class in a studio was Saturday. I have been practicing but I’ve been using the Fitstar app. Because I haven’t been going to classes i have been able to get the sleep my body needed. I feel again! I am more alive and making relationships with people I talk to. I feel so much better.

I do want to improve and become the better me I already have inside me. But I don’t want to burn myself out. I burnt myself out as a dancer, I don’t want this to happen with yoga. So I’m listening to my body!

Also I will be going to the Firefly Music festival so I won’t be a yoga for a week. There will be yoga classes there! Im so excited! No doubt I will be packing my yoga mat along with me! Camping out for 5 days!!! WOOT WOOT!!!!

I must remember its ok to want and dream with all my heart, but to listen to my body and know when I need a rest. You can’t feel alive and live your life to the fullest if your half asleep going through the motions.

Eating habit have only improved just a bit but I’m working on it! Positivity!

Rest your mind and body, love yourself always!


Finding some peace

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Yesterday I was completely emotionally unattached to myself. And then stress came falling down. I am vegan but I haven’t been completely healthy. I am trying to put together a better diet for myself. And I need to learn more self control. Not to eat till I’m full. I made a protein smoothie this morning and drank it with tea instead of just coffee. I made it through yoga with more energy! And no dizzy spells. Now I just need to be mindful the rest of today. Last night I meditated and I felt so much better. I need to be more connected. I need to find myself deep down. I felt lost and confused last night but after I was calmed I found the stress and anxiety was gone. I understood my emotions better. And I was able to laugh instead of bite my boyfriends head off. 

I have been putting too much pressure on myself. I’m ready to see changes and I have but because I haven’t been spiritually connected all my changes have only been physical. I’m practicing letting go and being free. This is a lot easier when the sun is finally shining!!! 


Fill your heart with joy and radiate love 


The Seventh Limb of Yoga

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The seventh limb of yoga is dhyana. Dhyana is dharana but sustained concentration cultivated with consistent practice and dedication. Eventually this transitions into an effortless flow. All effort floats away. No more trying. This is the actual act of meditation. Beginning to explore and experience dhyana throughout the day. This journey is powered by spirit. Practice this with unselfish reasons. We practice to share our peace and love with others. All relationships will transform from the grace that flows through us. We don’t act on out own behalf anymore. We act from the power of grace. 

When we take a step toward the light, the light takes ten steps toward us. This light hides us to a much higher spiritual power. 

In yogic scriptures it is said that a distracted mind has no power, but a directed mind is limitless. It takes years of practice to calm the restless mind. The more you practice the easier this becomes.

Love surrounds you in these deep moments of concentration and meditation. Put love on all your actions. It’s your choice to bring peace and love to everything you do and all your relationships. 


“How can we live in the present moment, live right now with the people around us, helping to lesson their suffering and making their lives happier? How? The answer is we must practice mindfulness.”
– Thich Nhat Hanh

I feel so over whelmed these days I’m learning so much and yet feel like I’m learning nothing.   I took my first real Ashtanga class on Tuesday. It’s was so different and so amazing. I kinda like thatvyounknlynwork on specific postures and it’s always the same. But I still love vinyasa flow as well. I was completely unsure of the teacher but I really love her and respect her. She is also a big hippie! Totally digging it. I have learned a lot about my body placement from her which is frustrating and awesome all at once. Today in Vinyasa flow we worked on handstand but in a much different way…. I couldn’t do it. My core and arms aren’t strong enough… This was really frustrating because all winter I worked on my upper body… I will admit between work and yoga classes I have no time for much practice at home, so I could be stronger. But I’m working with what I can and have so as log as I’m doing my best here that the best I can do. Although I may not have felt that way in the midst of trying the posture. Had to remind myself after my shower.  

I find that if I always have my nose in a yoga book I have better control of myself and I remember everything. It’s a constant reminder. My backpack currently has 3 yoga books and 2 notebooks. I journal after every yoga class. And I write about other things from my life that may play a part in how my practice was affected. It’s been so rainy and gross here energy is running low so I’m trying to vibe myself up and my co workers! 

The power of positivity! 

Fill your heart with love and joy and radiate!