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Hello beautiful spirits!

I have been gone a long while but so much has happened. I fell into a lazy state and an anxiety driven state of being before my firefly music festival experience. I wasn’t happy and I was feeling the walls pushing closer to me. At firefly i barely was on the internet and just let of of most social media. I was a great feeling. Not having to worry about keeping up, just experiencing.

IMG_5168 IMG_5163 IMG_5147 IMG_5143

Firefly music festival was purely amazing this year. I was surrounded by such beautiful people. My camp mates were all very amazing and beautiful people with so much personality and so much to offer. Our neighbors next door were beautiful spiritual beings. Big time hippies and we connected so well. The love Spirit Science too. If you haven’t heard of Spirit Science you MUST check it out, it is very cool. I learned so much this weekend about myself. I have much more anxiety than I ever realized. I had a hard time letting go of my fears. A very hard time. I wasn’t letting myself have fun sometimes because I was scared. My before helped me realize what was happening and helped me so much. I need to slow down, Im moving so fast I forget to stop and experience things.

IMG_5106 IMG_5130

My friend and I were rushing through the shaded tree area of the festival and never noticed the lights and paper birds hanging from the trees. It was so beautiful! Someone yelled “hey slowed down” and it literally took my breath away, it caught me off guard so much. When i noticed that i was in panic and did realized and was surrounded by such beautiful I just started laughing. I couldn’t stop laughing. I thought to myself I did it again and my heart rate went down immediately. I am so lucky to be sharing my life with such beautiful people. The world really is your teacher and you really can learn from everyone whether its from negativity or positivity.


Being surrounding by music at the festival was amazing I had so much fun. What really was awesome was the music at my campsite. Our neighbors were musicians and the y played the guitar for us, we sang along the whole time. Slowing other campsites around us started coming of and sharing their musical gifts. someone brought their drum box over. singing, guitar and drumming. People offered us gifts of thanks for our beautiful music. Bliss pure bliss.


I feel like I am looking through a new set of eyes this week. This festival has changed me and I feel amazing! It also changed my boyfriend. We have become closer and stronger.

Everything was so beautiful, I can’t express how I feel about this experience.

I was given an amethyst crystal this week and I felt a difference wearing so I am currently rediscovering crystal healing for myself again. This is an exciting adventure to add to my life. I found a blog this morning Energy Muse Blog, and it seems very cool so far. Lots of information and easy to follow.  There is a questionnaire to help you figure out which crystals help out with you specific needs. I believe I added it as a link Ive never tried to do that yet so we will see if it worked!

Crystal Healing

I havent practiced a lot of yoga I’m itching for it. Tomorrow I plan on getting back into it! Im so excited!

Fill your heart with joy and radiate



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